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I first came to bodywork as a patient looking for a gentler way of treating my own symptoms. After seeing how meditation and natural posture techniques treated my symptoms gently and effectively, I decided to become certified in three primary modalities. I'm currently a certified Life Coach, Level One Tuning Fork® Practitioner and most recently a Whole Woman® Practitioner.

Acquiring my training over the past five years is significant to me because I was suffering from vaginal prolapse symptoms that couldn't be addressed by just one treatment. I've developed and provide a very specific healing that improves every aspect of my clients lives.

Prolapse Natural Healing® was created to help women push past the age-old understanding that childbirth makes our pelvic floor weak and our vaginas dysfunctional. The woman I speak with don't believe this either and we agree that our vaginas are not the problem. The lack of education and unanswered medical questions - appear to be the problem. As a result, we hide our symptoms from our partners, secretly wish for a cure, and suffer in silence.

My message is that your vagina is not dysfunctional - it’s misunderstood. Fear causes you to withdraw from having sex. Fear causes you to agree to dangerous vaginal surgeries.

"Fear keeps you from living your life."

Prolapse Natural Healing® offers private in-person coaching with me. I've suffer from prolapse with rectocele and cystocele for over five years. I traveled to California and Arizona to learn the techniques used in my program. I'm the only woman (suffer) in the Albuquerque area that offers a complete explanation to the causes of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), emotional guided coaching, and bladder safe exercises to improve symptoms naturally.

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Sound healing using tuning forks is a non-touch modality create by Francine Milford. The study of sound includes knowledge of sound waves, compression waves and mechanical waves. We offer 60-min session of chakra balancing to clear the seven major chakra points in the body.

Tuning Fork Therapy®

Colored Necklaces

We want you to make small conscious changes in your heart, mind, and body to manage stress using our guided healing meditations. We help you release some, if not all negative emotions that build as a result of stress and teach you how to relax with mindful breathing techniques. Each session allows for you to examine personal situations and then let them go in a healthy supportive way.

Guided Healing Meditation

Working from Home

Prolapse Natural Healing® with Monique is guided support for professional women with bladder leaks caused by pelvic organ prolapse, also know as POP. We’ve got this amazing program for women living in Albuquerque, New Mexico seeking a safe way to stop embarrassing bladder leaks.

Prolapse Natural Healing®